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Glitching Vagrants: A Joe Story

This week, instead of reviewing Vagrant Story, the guys discuss the game breaking glitches that Joe encountered, talk news, and read a review or two. Enjoy the episode, and get your Vagrant Story questions in for next week! Check out this episode!
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Stolas: A Final Fantasy Demon

This week, Joe and Kaleb invite none other than our show/network artist on the show, Stolas (Aka Joshua Fraioli) on for a very special Patreon episode. Join us as we embark on a trip down memory lane with our long time listener, who becomes the second person to...
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The Ultimate Flavor Experience

This week, Schweiss and Joe assemble to taste, compare, and contrast the beef/warrior of light flavor, the Shrimp/Lightning flavor, and the Chicken/Cloud flavor of Nissin Cup Noodles. They also build their ideal Final Fantasy theme park, and shoot the shit a bit. Enjoy! Check out this episode!
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