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Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Announced! (FF News 1/12/18 to 1/19/18)

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Square Enix made an official announcement this week for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition which is a special version of Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that will be releasing this March. This version of the game will include some bonus content not included in the original version of the game.

Here is a complete list of the new content that will be included in the FFXV Royal Edition:

-A brand new dungeon Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map

-New first person mode, new equipment and new bosses

-Armiger Unleashed after you gather the 13 Royal Arms you unlock a more action packed version of Armiger

-Royal Vessel the boat you used in the story is now available as a controllable vehicle and can be used to explore the body of water between Cape Caem and Altissia

– All current Season Pass content is included the Episode Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis along with the Comrades Multiplayer Expansion

-More than a dozen pieces of DLC like the weapons, Regalia skin and item sets will be included

There is also information about how those with the standard version of FFXV will be able to upgrade their copy to this complete version with a digital download but pricing details have not been released yet.

A trailer showing off what to expect in this new edition of Final Fantasy XV can be viewed here:





Source: http://www.siliconera.com/2018/01/15/final-fantasy-xv-royal-edition-announced-with-a-new-dungeon-and-other-dlc-on-march-6/

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