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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Development – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a tactical role playing game developed and published by Square Co for the Nintendo Advance. Released on February 14, 2003 in Japan and September 8, 2003 in the US. It was also released on the Wii-U Virtual Console on January 28,...
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A Swedish Fantasy

This week, Kaleb and Joe bring on long time supporter/awesome guy Darth Jommu onto the show to talk Final Fantasy. Join us for a trip through the life of a Swede who played FFVIII without being able to read the text due to a language barrier, and of...
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2017 Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Awards

This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss their year in Final Fantasy, discuss the future, and dive into the best of for 2017. Join us for all the reminiscing, and the laughs. Also, get your iTunes reviews in for the Gameboy Advance and copy of Tactics Advance. Enjoy the...
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News N’ 2017 Nominations

Welcome to 2018! Time to celebrate all the stuff we missed in the last part of 2017! We also nominate for next week’s annual UFF Podcast Awards, so get on Twitter and vote! Check out this episode!
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