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Yoshinori Kitase Discusses the Future of Final Fantasy (FF News 9/8/17 to 9/15/17)

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Yoshinori Kitase has been working at Square Enix for a very long time and has been involved with the creation of many Final Fantasy games. During a visit to Seattle he was interviewed by Kotaku regarding the future of the Final Fantasy series.

He stated that after his involvement with the mobile Final Fantasy games like Mobius he realized that modern Final Fantasy games take a very long time to develop. After a game comes out players have to wait until the next one to release in order for their feedback to reach the developers so they can make changes for the next main series game. With mobile titles he explained that you can release it and then update it every few months with new content and add things to the game thanks to player feedback.

Not to worry though, he did not say he wants to make the next FF game like a mobile phone game but instead wants there to be a way for fans to help provide feedback during the development so when the game releases it would meet the quality and expectations of what fans want from the series. An example of this is how the Final Fantasy XV demos helped Hajime Tabata and his team decide on what needed to be fixed or added to the game and was essential for that game’s development.

Kotaku also snuck in a question about the iOS/Steam ports of Final Fantasy V and VI and how they were not well received by fans who would prefer the original SNES or GBA versions of the games to be released with their original soundtracks and sprite art. This really surprised Kitase who thought that most gamers would want to play refined versions of those titles. So he has taken into consideration how fans appreciate the original look of those games.

Hopefully this means that the next time FFV and FFVI are ported to modern systems that we will receive the original versions in all their glory.






Source: https://kotaku.com/the-future-of-final-fantasy-is-all-about-player-feedbac-1803142540

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