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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV

This weeks episode features a discussion based on the sidescroller beat em up A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV. Join Kaleb, Joe, and Kaleb as they discuss the various aspects of the game including gameplay, “story”, music and design. They also dive into what they feel the game...
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This week, Kaleb and Joe dive deep into their thoughts on the recent Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood. Join them for their story recap, and overall thoughts on gameplay changes, music, design, and of course, the dungeons. Enjoy the Grind!  
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The Mythic Origins of the Summons IV

This week, Kaleb and Joe return to a listener favorite: Mythic Origins. Join them for a discussion on Bahamut, Cockatrice, and Leviathan. Enjoy! Bahamut- Bahamut comes from Arabian Mythology. He is a giant fish that acts as a supporting layer of the earth. According to Zakariya al-Quazwini, a...
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