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The Best Villians in the Final Fantasy Series

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This week, Kaleb, Joe, and Craig sit down to discuss their rankings for the top villian of the series. We discuss the logic behind our numbered ranking, and dive into their in game presence. Craig rags on FFX, and I would hope you will all rage tweet him @obsidianbah to bring him to justice. We answer a couple of questions, and discuss Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Best Villians in the Final Fantasy Series

  1. Felicia no Miko says:

    Yep, top 3 villains:
    3. Kefka
    2. Ardyn
    1. Sephiroth

    Ardyn and Sephiroth were tough, but Sephiroth edged it out with just more backstory and more crazy. I still really love XV, still number 3 on my top list. Screw the haters, one of the best stories in FF. Simpler is a hell of a lot easier to follow and I shed tears at the end. Yeah, could have been better but what it is now is still really good.

  2. ChaseVsGame says:

    1. Sephiroth
    2. Ardyn
    3. Garland
    We can understand why Sephiroth is there and I love Ardyn’s character as he is like in some sense a a less crazy sephiroth. He has good reasons for fucking with everyone. The only reason Sephiroth wins is due to his scene in the library of the mansion and the fire scene. Just too damn good. Finally, Garland is there because I liked his play in final fantasy 1. He created a time loop to be immortal. He also is there in the end of the game yet heroes of light become forgotten. Interesting ending.

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