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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

This week, Kaleb and Joe, joined by Emilee Mentos, Krinital, and Zoey for a fun filled discussion of our experience with Heavensward. Enjoy! Development   Heavensward began development about a year before its release on June 23, 2015, just a few months before its October announcement at the...
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Everything Wrong with Final Fantasy Films

This week, the guys gather to discuss their dislike towards Final Fantasy movies. They dive into why the movies aren’t good, and offer discussion points for how to improve them. We also ask the audience to discuss what their favorite FF film is, and what game they would...
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Final Fantasy Fan Theories

This week, Joe runs the two Kalebs through multiple fan theories that have been discussed throughout the years in regards to the Final Fantasy series. Is Garland the same person in I and IX? Are Final Fantasy III and VI connected? Is Final Fantasy X in the same...
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All The Bravest

This week, special guests @Wanderingflame @krinital and @metunnica join forces to discuss the 2013 Mobile release All The Bravest. Kaleb and Joe open things up discussing their Heavensward progress, in addition to their attempted, and failed, rush of the main story. Enjoy the guest Grind!
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