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The Many Faces of Final Fantasy VII

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This week, Kaleb and Joe touch base on a listener requested topic. They discuss the differences between the US version of Final Fantasy VII, and the original Japanese version. They give their thoughts on each difference, while also diving into which version they prefer (from the sound of things) based on these differences. They then once again discuss their thoughts on potential remakes of earlier games. Oh, and we give a little opinion piece on a few Disturbed songs while we’re at it. Enjoy the Grind!


Final Fantasy VII Differences: https://thelifestream.net/ffvii-the-original/ffvii-version-guide/jorg-versus-post-jorg/

3 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Final Fantasy VII

  1. CaptBasch says:

    Thanks for reading my question! I agree for the most part except I think that the farther we get away from the originals the harder and harder time you’ll have convincing a new audience to try them out. I think itd be a shame for anyone to miss final fantasy IV or VI. Regardless i’m so excited for final fantasy XII TZA that it literally pains me to wait and I hope that you’ll atleast touch on the new version if not a whole episode. keep it up!

  2. FeliciaNoMiko says:

    And the question remains, why do they even bother to change most of it. I get the nudity changes in games coming here, what with our Victorian attitude toward sex, but most other changes are just baffling. That’s right up there with the kids as protagonist thing. Ugh.

  3. FeliciaNoMiko says:

    Oh and Joe, I tint my brows becasue otherwise I don’t have any. It does look funny the first day or two, then it calms down and looks natural. I’m a girl so, different standards and all, but it’s not that bad. I find it makes a face look younger and more defined.

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