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Bad Final Fantasy Jokes

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This week, Kaleb and Joe play catch-up after last week’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 review. They discuss a few articles of Final Fantasy news, including the newly priced Final Fantasy XII: HD Remaster, and a few details on the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Enjoy the laughs!

One thought on “Bad Final Fantasy Jokes

  1. FeliciaNoMiko says:

    A: Some of those jokes were actually funny, most where groan worthy.
    B: The US uses Imperial units, which is a system that that can be traced back to the Roman methods of measurement. The units we use now were standardized in 1824 by the British, but they’ve been around in various forms for a LONG time. The metric system wasn’t standardized and adopted until 1875. While it could be said that the metric system was first ‘invented’ in the 1500’s, it wasn’t really ever used until after the French revolution. But by that definition, the Imperial system is still quite a bit older. And I would agree, for most things base 12 (lengths and stuff) and base 8/16 (volume, like cups and ounces) are easier to use practically.

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