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Final Fantasy XV was almost the “Final” FF Game (FF News 2/24/17 to 3/3/17)

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During a GDC 2017 panel in San Francisco, Hajime Tabata talked about Final Fantasy XV and the series as a whole and revealed some things that shocked and surprised everyone attending. To directly quote Tabata he stated “In the end, Final Fantasy XV was completed, and it’s finally in everybody’s hands. Within a month of release, we sold six million copies. As I said at the beginning, if we failed this time, there wouldn’t be a next time, which means that probably this isn’t our final Final Fantasy. The series will probably live on.”

Apparently Final Fantasy XV was a similar situation for Square Enix as when Hironobu Sakaguchi was making the 1st Final Fantasy and that it was the breakout title the company needed and it surpassed their expectations with massive sales and success. Square Enix was predicting FFXV would sell 5 million copies in its lifetime and it managed to sell like 6 million copies at launch. This means that if FFXV failed that FFXVI would probably not happen and that Final Fantay VII Remake would need to be a massive hit.

Crazy to think about how high the stakes were and it explains the massive advertising push by Square Enix and their decision to make an anime series and a movie to promote the game. Seems like history does repeat itself just as it did with the first entry in the series Final Fantasy is here to stay.





Source: http://www.dualshockers.com/2017/03/01/final-fantasy-xv-director-hints-final-fantasy-series-will-continue-brand-used-danger/

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