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From Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV

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This week, Joe, Schweiss, and Craiggers react to the popular 4-chan blog chain from a supposed member of Final Fantasy XV’s Development team. The group dissects the information, and gives their take on the whole thing. We also get Kaleb Craig’s thoughts on the game as a whole. Enjoy the Grind!!

The Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmTRBuZuTiw

5 thoughts on “From Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV

  1. richterw says:


  2. Lokilionhart says:

    Agreed sweet ass episode! Is it just me or does Versus 13 sound wayyyyyy sweeter than 15? Minus the falcei shit or however u spell/ say it I kinda dig the original plot more. Seems like the movie and directors screwed everything up by rewriting the story. Pretty insane to hear that 15 really won’t be done till 2018?!?!? That’s kinda how unfinished the game is imo because besides the playable characters seems like they’re trying to patch the story and lack thereof of everything else in the dlc and it’s just frigging sad.. Don’t know about u guys but I guess I’ll just wait to replay the whole game in another year or two when it’s actually done..

  3. Skoll Hati says:

    Awesome episode!
    On Izunia: Izunia isn’t Ardyn, Izunia was a family member who led the dethroning of Ardyn. Ardyn took his name as an alias and doesn’t say it clearly in XV but strongly hints it. He says “you’ll never guess whose name Izunia was” along with another line where he pretty much says it was the one who betrayed him. Bahamut later says he was overthrown by the next king, so Izunia Lucis-Caelum.

  4. FeliciaNoMiko says:

    Yay, the episode entry is up so I can comment on it! Now I have to remember all the stuff I wanted to say when I was actually listening to the episode a few days ago. ^_~

    I liked the tone shift in chapter 13 with the horror-ish stealthy bit. It was a nice change of pace and made more sense story wise. I felt like doing the base missions in the open world were similar enough with the attempted stealth bits to make that seem reasonable. And the Empires weird golems warranted a certain degree of unease, they were kind of creepy. And I really liked putting the plot hallway at the end of the game, I felt that added to the story making sense.

    I really hope that Square listens and adds content, or at least allows game play in the World of Ruin. I was disappointed by that. A lot. I am tempted to replay the plot just to get to the Ruined beach and mess around there more. I didn’t know how short that part was going to be and I was all mentally prepared to go through a gauntlet to get to Hammerhead. But I’ll wait and see what they end up doing with the DLC first.

    Oddly, I was disappointed that Ardyn was so easy. I was fully expecting three forms. My husband was watching when I got to that fight and I beat Ardyn and he was like ‘huh, that was kind of easy’ and I of course said, ‘oh he’ll have another form, they always do, and it’ll get worse.’ Nope. Totally didn’t. And I was all set for one. Even though FF bosses are usually fairly easy if you get good weapons, this was particularly easy for me and I was only in the 50s level wise.

    I’m very interested to see what they do with the DLC for this game. I did not get a season pass, I’m waiting to see what comes out first. Got my fingers crossed for World of Ruin, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Great episode guys, now I’m going to go look up area glitches!

  5. suckmycockatrice says:


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