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Final Fantasy VII Remake Voice Recording Almost Complete (FF News 2/17/17 to 2/24/17)

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Yoshinori Kitase was recently interviewed in Japan’s weekly gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation. In this interview he mentioned that the game’s main story voice recording is almost completely done. Here is what Kitase said exactly: “Final Fantasy VII Remake requires hefty readiness. The voice actors are practically finished in recording voices for the main story. Fans might be picturing Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for it, but it’s a Cloud in his “prime” from before Advent Children, so you might sense a fresh new performance from it.”

Furthemore, he also mentioned the key visual art that they released for the 30th Anniversary of FF by saying this: “The new visual [pictured above] that was presented at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary has something that wasn’t in the original, Sephiroth (with black wing?) and we’ll leave it to your imagination as far as the meaning behind it goes.”

While it wasn’t mentioned in the interview people online were quick to point out that Kitase probably meant that the voice recording for FF7 Remake Part 1 is probably what is almost done and not the actual entire complete game. This has brought up a lot of speculation by fans online that we might see part 1 of the FF7 Remake in 2017.




Source: http://www.siliconera.com/2017/02/22/final-fantasy-vii-remakes-voicing-main-story-pretty-much-completed/

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