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The 2016 Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Awards

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This week, we bring you the results for the 2016 Podcast Awards! Congrats to She Heals, I Tank for winning the Best Non-UFF 2016 Final Fantasy Podcast Award. Final Fantasy XV was voted the best Final Fantasy release of 2016, and the Audience Maximus awards go to Krinital, Shinryu, and Troy Cavanaugh. Congrats on the wins, guys. We look forward to another year of Ultima Final Fantasy!

2 thoughts on “The 2016 Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Awards

  1. C Dibbles says:

    Still learning my away around this site. I only use mobile. I emailed you guys couple days ago about getting ultima sword. So I thought since I had the quest and just needed to do 3 hunts then rest. I found out you can accept the quest and it says in big bold letter do some hunts or quests. Make sure you have the item you need. There’s a hunt you can hunt for the horn to get the ultima sword. After you get the horn turn it in to cid. Then complete the 3 hunts rest and grab the sword from him. Ps I started listening to your podcast on the episode of release ff15. Was a weird probably worse episode. Yet I still haven’t missed an episode you guys do great every week. Keep up the great work!

  2. Kouper says:

    So uh, having just listened to this episode, I want to point out Cid in FFXV ONLY completes weapons for your quest, when you rest. You can do 300 hunts, and it won’t be done. If you turn in, roll over to the camper and sleep the night and come back, he’ll be ready.

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