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Final Fantasy XV, Part Two

This week, Joe and Kaleb continue their review of the long awaited Final Fantasy XV. We discuss our thoughts on the games Art/Design, praising it for it’s overall good graphics. We talk about the music by Yoko Shimomura, who also worked on Parasite Eve. Then we get to...
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Final Fantasy XV: Part One

This episode, Kaleb and Joe discuss the long awaited Final Fantasy XV. They cover the games story and gameplay elements. We do a deep dive into the slightly ambiguous ending to the game, and talk about why we think both outcomes are valid. We then talk about the...
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Daniel: A Lifetime of Final Fantasy

Welcome special guest Daniel! We discuss our love of Final Fantasy, and enjoy another game of Stump the Host. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, and learn about Daniel’s rich, and long lived, love of the series. Joe also gets called an old man...
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The 2016 Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Awards

This week, we bring you the results for the 2016 Podcast Awards! Congrats to She Heals, I Tank for winning the Best Non-UFF 2016 Final Fantasy Podcast Award. Final Fantasy XV was voted the best Final Fantasy release of 2016, and the Audience Maximus awards go to Krinital,...
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