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Our Final Fantasy XV Midnight Release Experience

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This week, Joe and Kaleb meet up with some fans of Final Fantasy at the Provo GameStop on release night. They interview fellow Final Fantasy fans about their interest in the series, and in Final Fantasy XV as a whole. They also dive into how underwhelming the midnight release was, and attribute much of it to the growing popularity of digital downloads. Kaleb Craig and a few other listeners then weigh in on their experience thus far in Final Fantasy XV. Enjoy the grind, and thanks again Troy!

One thought on “Our Final Fantasy XV Midnight Release Experience

  1. DelRayPete says:

    I was thinking about how Joe said that party of the beauty of the FF series is that any time is a great time to start playing, as they require no experience or knowledge of the previous games. That the setting changes, the characters change, the battle and experience systems change. There is never a bad time for someone new to come to the series.

    However, at some point, this can be detrimental to long time fans of the series. Long time fans know what they like. So as each new title introduces many changes and is not like the others, it is possible that the long time fan of the series could eventually be pushed away..

    I think this has happened to me a bit, FFXIII turned me away, and I have not played XIII-2 or Lightning Returns.

    But as a true long time fan, even when I get something I do not particularly like, I still come back and check out what’s going on in the series.

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