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On the Way to a Smile, Episode Yuffie

This week, the guys review The Lifestream’s presentation of On the Way to a Smile: Case of Yuffie. We discuss the storyline present, which is thus far the most interesting in the On the Way to a Smile series, as it deals with the Geostigma. We see the...
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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

It is complete! Join Kaleb and Joe as they discuss the ins and outs of Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. They discuss the games story, unique gameplay, straight outta Final Fantasy XII soundtrack, and the games overall legacy. And, of course, second opinions. Enjoy the grind!
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Final Fantasy XV Prologue: Parting Ways

This week, Kaleb and Joe bring you a very special reading of the Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways. Join them for all the epic moments that we didn’t see, as we find out what the Final Fantasy XV crew was up to during the events of Kingsglaive:...
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Our Final Fantasy XV Midnight Release Experience

This week, Joe and Kaleb meet up with some fans of Final Fantasy at the Provo GameStop on release night. They interview fellow Final Fantasy fans about their interest in the series, and in Final Fantasy XV as a whole. They also dive into how underwhelming the midnight...
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