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On the Way to a Smile, Episode Barrett

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This week, Kaleb, Joe, and other Kaleb discuss another of the On the Way to a Smile mini episodes. This episode was brought to us by our friends over at thelifestream.net and we encourage each of you to check them out. We also discuss our situation in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, and Kaleb reveals that his difficulty with the game was due to him being too much of a Kant. Enjoy the grind!

One thought on “On the Way to a Smile, Episode Barrett

  1. NoctisGhettoBooty says:

    Fun show with no commitment to any games at the moment as we’re all waiting for 15.. Do u guys think you’ll have at least 1 mega hype episode? Talk about what other games in the series that 15 seems to have borrowed from and etc.. I think besides 14 this is the first main series title you guys will play with everyone else so the show should get more exciting the next few weeks.. Keep it up! Also I heard you mention the Nintendo switch and skyrim again.. Now I’m under the impression that they showed off the remastered version that ps4 and Xbox are getting and that you guys seem to call it just a PS3 version.. Now even if it is a remastered version what gen should we consider the game? If it’s on the other consoles its this gen right? I think joe was right in saying they just tried to capitalize on the remastered coming out and I guess it seems to have just confused people about what power the system has instead of hyping anything.. Wrong forum but it was mentioned so I said it here

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