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Just One More Day til Final Fantasy XV

This week, Joe and Kaleb discuss the plethora of Final Fantasy XV news and information. We discuss the day one patch, the interesting Amazon marketing plan, and the new trailer. We dive into our forums, where we theorize on the potential sales for Final Fantasy XV, discuss the...
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A Farewell to Final Fantasy XI

This week, we do a sendoff worthy of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. We bring on Aniero, Juxta, Nika, and Eskalia to discuss the ups and downs of the long running online role playing game. We laugh, we cry, we discuss things not even remotely connected. But most...
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On the Way to a Smile, Episode Barrett

This week, Kaleb, Joe, and other Kaleb discuss another of the On the Way to a Smile mini episodes. This episode was brought to us by our friends over at thelifestream.net and we encourage each of you to check them out. We also discuss our situation in Final...
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