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Yosuke Naora Resigns From Square Enix (FF News 9/30/16 to 10/7/16)

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Final Fantasy art director Yosuke Naora resigned from his position at Square Enix.

He was the art director in the majority of the Final Fantasy titles since VII. He was involved in most of the FF7 spinoff titles and recently worked on Type 0 and Final Fantasy XV. Naora also started out in the company as a field designer on Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI.

He stated on his Twitter that he is now officially a freelancer and will still work for Square Enix if they hire him.

He worked for Square Enix for over 24 years and voiced his love for the fanbase as well as Hajime Tabata in his tweets he said “With my family in mind, I’ll be going back to my home town of Izumo. Yesterday, Taba-chan (Hajime Tabata) showed me the ending of Final Fantasy XV. It was my final job, and it has the best ending. Everyone has been amazing! We did a great job.”




Source: http://gematsu.com/2016/10/final-fantasy-art-director-yusuke-naora-leaves-square-enix-24-years

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