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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV

This week, we review the Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV anime. We dive into the content that we liked, and discuss whether or not it served its purpose; making us excited for Final Fantasy XV. Also, we finally watched Kingsglaive! Look forward to that review soon! Brotherhood Final Fantasy...
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Ultima Final Fantasy Pin-up Guy Tournament

This week, we put everything on the line. We pit the main men from the Final Fantasy series together for the Ultimate show down. Join us as we question our very own sexuality in this Final Fantasy extravaganza episode. You may be surprised by the winner. Check out...
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Gladiolus Maximus and Ignis Minimus

This week, we discuss the most recent two episodes of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV. We discuss elements of the anime that we enjoyed, and parts that didn’t really work for us. We also discuss the slew of news within the Final Fantasy world, and talk about the new...
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