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Rise of the Zilart

Yessss…. It’s time! Join Kaleb and Joe as they recount the story, and their experiences with Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart!  ZIlart Once upon a time, there was an ancient race of people called the Zilart. They wanted to harness the power of the crystals below...
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Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission

This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss their many adventures within Last Mission. This rogue dungeon crawler was released with the international version of Final Fantasy X-2, and features gameplay unlike any game we’ve ever seen. We discuss the light amount of story, and the insanely different gameplay present....
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Krinital, A Final Fantasy Master

This week, we join hands with the man, the myth, the legend; Krinital. We’ve owed this guy a Patreon episode for some time now, and our schedules FINALLY align. Join us for all of Krinital’s favorites throughout the series, and of course his final rankings for the Final...
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Final Fantasy X-2, Part Two

This time, we finish up our review of Final Fantasy x-2. We discuss the design, music, and legacy of the game. We also move on to read, and discuss some of our listener reviews, and answer their questions about the game. Enjoy the finale! FFX-2   Final Fantasy...
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