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Minisode: Kupo-Con Announcement

This special minisode is brought to you by KupoCon! This is the fan event we’ve all been waiting for. Kaleb will for sure make the event, and we hope many of you are able to join us. We’ll see you guys again on Saturday!   Check http://kupocon.com/ for up to...
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Final Fantasy X-2, Part One

We have finally completed Final Fantasy X-2. Here are our thoughts on the game. FFX-2   Final Fantasy X-2 was released for the ps2 on March 13th, 2003 in Japan, on November 18th in america, and February 19th, 2004 in Europe. Later, an HD remaster would come for...
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The Eternal calm of Kefka Palazzo

This time, we talk about the Eternal Calm. This small piece of Final Fantasy lore takes place between Final Fantasy X, and it’s sequel Final Fantasy X-2. It shows the transformation of Yuna as a character, and serves as a twenty minute changing of clothes. We also talk...
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Spotlight: Nobuo Uematsu, Part Two

This week, we continue with our Spotlight on Nobuo Uematsu. Enjoy! PART II Last week we looked at the beginnings of Nobuo Uematsu’s career, from being hired at Square Co. to his first two masterpieces that we can agree on with his soundtracks of FF4 and FF6. As...
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