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Spotlight: Nobuo Uematsu, Part One

It’s time for our Nobuo Uematsu spotlight episode. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes!   PART I   With the exception of Hironobu Sakaguchi, there really isn’t any other name more synonymous with Final Fantasy than that of “Nobuo Uematsu”. Composing either all or part of 12...
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Minzara, a Final Fantasy Tale

  This week, we invite one of our patrons, Minzara, on for an episode! We discuss his history with the Final Fantasy series from the beginning, and discuss his thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII remake, and Final Fantasy XV. There’s also another fun Stump the Host segment....
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Eastern and Lavant Mythos in Final Fantasy

  This week, Joe goes off on another Joseph Campbell tangent. I think it’s in the name. I really do.. Anyways, we discuss the Eastern mythological storytelling methods in the Final Fantasy series. This style of storytelling features a more realistic approach to characters. It doesn’t label individuals...
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On the Way to a Smile, Episode Tifa

  This week, we discuss On the Way to a Smile, Episode Tifa. This is part of a short story series set before the events of Advent Children, but after Final Fantasy VII. This story was originally released in a prologue book along with the Complete edition of...
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Final Fantasy VII Retcons

  This week, we run through the many retcons of Final Fantasy VII. We found an amazing article from http://www.ff7citadel.com/ that detailed the retcons, and their level of retconification. We briefly discuss each retcon, and decide if we side with Citadel on their ranking of the most to least acceptable...
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