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Top Ten Underrated moments in Final Fantasy

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Join us for episode 100 of Ultima Final Fantasy! This week, we go through and discuss our lists of the top ten most underrated moments in Final Fantasy. From the creeping oglop in Final Fantasy IX, to seeing Sephiroth find out about his past in the basement of the Shinra Building, we cover the moments that should be discussed more often in regular Final Fantasy chatter. We also discuss the 7-11 event for Final Fantasy XIV, where soft drinks contain codes that can be redeemed for in game items. We talk about Final Fantasy IX’s release on Steam. The game features Steam achievements, no encounter mode, auto save functions, and cleaned up graphics. We then discuss the multi part release for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Enjoy the memories, and thank you for sticking with us these last hundred episodes!

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Underrated moments in Final Fantasy

  1. Suckmycockatrice says:

    Would Vivi stopping (real time), at the end of IX be considered an underrated moment? If so, from the ones I’ve played, this is the most profound moment in the series, in my opinion. It was just tough to digest cause it happened rather quickly.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Could not agree with you more on the FFXII ending. Balthier is a great character with witty comments throughout the game, although his lines during the final cut scene make him even more of that arrogant badass I grew to love during the hundreds of hours playing that game. Every time I play through FFXII, which I have on numerous occasions, I always look forward to Balthier’s moment’s. Jack Sparrow may have given pirates their day in the sun, but if the world knew the awesomeness that is a sky pirate…. let’s just say all the bunny ladies would swoon for the captain of the Strahl.

  3. gammon says:

    @gagezilla04 Schweiss’s love of XII has infected me. I must go replay it. I forgot about his comment about being the main character, but LOL-ed heartily when reminded of it during the episode. What a different game it would have been if the focus was on Bosch and Balthier… and their unspoken desire for each other…

    Another solid episode guys and with a great idea. I would like to see you guys incorporate it into your regular reviews, though that may be tough. Maybe miss-able moments for games that that have a lot of a following or hype behind them.

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