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The Optimal length for a Final Fantasy

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This week, we discuss what the optimum length for a Final Fantasy game is. This is a subject of much interest as of late, since the creators of Final Fantasy XV have announced that the campaign will take about fifty hours to complete. This dwarfs many of the rest of the main series, at least where the main campaign is concerned within the Final Fantasy series. We compare this fifty hour game time to our Final Fantasy IX playtime, as Final Fantasy IX is the highest rated in the series. We touch base on what we want as far as story, game play, and side quests to be implemented within Final Fantasy as a whole. We then answer a few great questions from our community members. Enjoy the episode!

Check out this episode!

10 thoughts on “The Optimal length for a Final Fantasy

  1. Kevin says:

    So Mr. Schweiss once again mentioned the “blank slate” that is Squall in this episode. But he failed to point out how the entire plot of Squall’s game revolved around him being such a blank slate that his “personality” (such as it is) was literally overwritten by someone else’s. Oh wait… That was a different game. But maybe he was talking about the widely panned ridiculousness of the amnesia plot, and how that reflected the character as a blank slate. You know the plot I’m talking about. Where a loud screeching noise happens and he falls to his knees for no reason whatsoever ever time he is reminded of, well, anything. Because that’s how amnesia works. Oh wait… that was also a different Final Fantasy. Seems perhaps some of Mr. Schweiss’ hate for FFVIII is a little disingenuous…

    1. I honestly can’t figure out the tone of this comment… I can’t figure out what parts are genuine, correct or misinformed, or what parts are sarcastic…

      1. Kevin says:

        That’s it. 1-star on iTunes.

        1. Ultima Final Fantasy says:

          Yup… Still can’t tell…

    2. Kaleb Schweiss says:

      I’m very much aware that the plot revolves around Squall being a blank slate of a character. The entire idea is to project yourself onto the character, which FF VIII does well. I’ve acknowledged this in the past, and don’t find it necessary to bring up every time FF VIII is mentioned. And honestly, the amnesia plot bothers me much less than the time plot. Neither are great, but the time plot is much worse.

      1. Robert says:

        I could not agree more on the time plot.

        I would respectfully disagree on the projection aspect in this one case. I don’t think anyone is meant to project onto Squall as a blank character (unless maybe you have serious, diagnosable illness). I think I understand what is meant when people say “blank” in reference to Squall; however, it’s not quite the right word to me. If a character is “blank” in a video game that you can project, they have to be a canvas to be filled with myself. There is no way I could ever project myself onto Squall…he is a jackass who for some reason does not respond when women THROW themselves at him (Quistis AND Rinoa?!?!?!). I find him totally un-relatable.

        Rinoa, by contrast, I am with you mostly on the blank slate.

  2. Robert says:

    I just wanted to offer that this was a good episode! I enjoyed it! Only through the “main quest” portion (of discussing optimal time length), such that I still have to do the “side quests” of the episode (whatever comes after), but that was the end of today’s cardio session.

    I REALLY loved the music remix to Magitek Research facility! You guys have amazing choices in FF remix music. I would love it if you guys created a master list! Or, as a Patreon goal reward, maybe publish the Cosmo Canyon remix that is so amazing?

  3. Bill Scott says:

    Second that @cloud

    Would love to see some links to the remix’s in the show

  4. Robert says:

    One more note of further praise. I finished listening to the episode. I really appreciate Joe’s analysis of asking “what does a character want.” I found that a very useful way of thinking about things. Your knowledge, @joseph-degolyer, is great. You are definitely educating me on aspects of story-telling. It is insightful enough that I will try to take seriously the idea that Terra is the main character of FF6 😉

    I really look forward to future commentary analyzing story-telling from you!

  5. Chaz says:

    Link to the Kefka remix?

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