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Brad: A Final Fantasy Odyssey

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This week, we humbly welcome one of our Patrons to the show! We discuss Brad’s Final Fantasy origins, and his ranking within the Final Fantasy series. We discuss the series through his eyes, since he’s been playing the series since Final Fantasy VI. He takes a very different approach to Final Fantasy VII, citing it around mid quality as a game. The main reasons for this is from coming off of Final Fantasy VI, he felt slightly disappointed. Brad has played his fair share of Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XIV as well, even being a legacy player in the latter title. Once we review his history with the Final Fantasy series, we play a round of Stump the Host, with Joe finally securing a well fought win over Brad. We then turn to the questions segment, discussing the Final Fantasy VII remake. Brad was quite skeptical of the remake, Joe was as well. Kaleb, on the other hand, has become soft on the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake. Enjoy the grind!!

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