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The Mythic Origins of the Summons III

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This week, we bring back the popular Mythic Origins segment. We feature Mythic Origins of the Summons, Part Three. We dig into the origins of Yojimbo, Phoenix, and Golem. We then reminisce about the usefulness of each summon throughout the Final Fantasy series, and discuss what we hope the summons in Final Fantasy XV will turn out to be. We also discuss the rebirth of common summons throughout the series, and talk about ones lost, and how we would be interested in their resurrection. We then answer some great user submitted questions, and read a few stellar reviews. Enjoy the episode!

Yojimbo- Translates into Bodyguard. Appears in Final Fantasy X. The usage of this name for the summon is fairly effective, as you have to buy Yojimbo’s service from the get go, and then continue to pay him for each of his four moves. Diagoro, the dog of Yojimbo, will attack during the weakest of the attacks. Kozuka is the attack where Yojimbo throws multiple knives at enemies, where Wakizashi is the air slicing atttack. Then the Zanmato. The ultimate of the attacks. This is an attack that is borrowed from Odin. Odin’s was called Zantetsuken, but they’re essentially the same attack.


Phoenix- A Greek fire creature that is said to rise from it’s own ashes of demise around every 500 years. Phoenix is arguably one of the most useful summons in the series, yet I found myself rarely using the epic resrrection ability associated with summoning the creature.


Golem- From Jewish mythology. A Golem is a mud creature that is brought to life when a righteous person writes “emet”, or truth, onto its body. The most popular Golem was supposedly created by Rabbi Judah Loew in order to defend the Jews of the Prague Ghetto from antisemitic attacks, mainly for the Blood Libel. The blood libel is an accusation that Jews kidnap and murder christian Children to use their blood as part of their religious rituals during their holidays.

REMIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gbRe2AFbVQ

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  1. delraypete says:

    I really enjoy these background stories of the summons. Thanks for the research.
    Keep it up!

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