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Brad: A Final Fantasy Odyssey

This week, we humbly welcome one of our Patrons to the show! We discuss Brad’s Final Fantasy origins, and his ranking within the Final Fantasy series. We discuss the series through his eyes, since he’s been playing the series since Final Fantasy VI. He takes a very different...
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The Mythic Origins of the Summons III

  This week, we bring back the popular Mythic Origins segment. We feature Mythic Origins of the Summons, Part Three. We dig into the origins of Yojimbo, Phoenix, and Golem. We then reminisce about the usefulness of each summon throughout the Final Fantasy series, and discuss what we...
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The Final Fantasy Series

  This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss their altered rankings for the Final Fantasy series. Rather than ranking the games in terms of what makes Final Fantasy great, they break it down even further. They discuss in depth which Final Fantasy games have the best story, combat, overall...
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Final Fantasy IV: Interlude

  This week, Kaleb and Joe review Final Fantasy IV: Interlude, in all of it’s two hour glory. We discuss the beauty of the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection PSP port, and talk about how it nicely sets up the story for Final Fantasy IV: The After years....
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