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The 2015 UFF Podcast Awards

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This week, we discuss the victors in the 2015 UFF Final Fantasy Podcast Awards. The categories were:

Best Rant

Best Impersonation

Best 2015 Final Fantasy Release

Best Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Episode

Worst Ultima Final Fantasy Episode

Best Non-Wiki Final Fantasy Fan-Site

Best Competing Final Fantasy Show

Best Final Fantasy Parody Song

It was almost a Kaleb sweep, winning in Best Impersonation, Best Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast episode, not winning in Worst Ultima Final Fantasy episode. Joe pulled a victory in the Best Rant category, and the Best Final Fantasy Parody Song. We also would like to congratulate TheLifestream.net for sweeping the competing categories, winning both the Best Non-Wiki Final Fantasy Site, and Best Competing Final Fantasy show. We then move to weigh in on some user submitted questions.

Enjoy the Grind!!!


Check out this episode!

One thought on “The 2015 UFF Podcast Awards

  1. TakuAmazuki says:

    Wish i discovered the podcast a bit earlier so i could’ve participated. still i agree with the majority.

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