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Final Fantasy Retrospective

This week, we bring you our retrospective episode on the Final Fantasy series as a whole. We go through each game, highlighting our overall experience of each Final Fantasy. We discuss the evolution of the series as a whole, covering which Final Fantasies naturally led into another, and...
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The 2015 UFF Podcast Awards

This week, we discuss the victors in the 2015 UFF Final Fantasy Podcast Awards. The categories were: Best Rant Best Impersonation Best 2015 Final Fantasy Release Best Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Episode Worst Ultima Final Fantasy Episode Best Non-Wiki Final Fantasy Fan-Site Best Competing Final Fantasy Show Best...
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Part Four

Join us for the finale of our review of Final Fantasy XIV. This time, we cover the Gameplay elements leading up to the patch. We get Krinital and Judge Cloudprod to reveal their lists. We discuss the integration of the job systems, discuss the disconnect associated with the...
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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Part Three

We made it! We finally finished Final Fantasy XIV up to Heavensward. Join us, Krinital, and Judge Cloudprod as we discuss the storyline associated with the four patches leading up to Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion, Heavensward. We also move on to discuss gameplay elements in the expansion,...
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