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Final Fantasy VII Gameplay Trailer

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This week, Kaleb and Joe cover the Final Fantasy VII remakes Gameplay trailer. This, of course, came out shortly after last weeks early episode. They discuss their feelings on the battle system, and talk about the episodic approach to the release, and how Midgar, the most boring portion of Final Fantasy VII, would be a terrible beginning portion. We then move on to discuss the release of the PS4 port to Final Fantasy VII. We discuss the excellent theme that came with the game, and touch on the cheats. These cheats, interestingly, do not disable the game’s trophies. We then move on to answer user submitted questions. Enjoy the episode!


REMIX – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60SKsZukXk0

Check out this episode!

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII Gameplay Trailer

  1. Matthew says:

    I agree, I never wanted a FF7 remake, a remaster like FF4 Complete Edition with the translation by Beacause Project is exactly what I want. And on all platforms, not just playstation.

  2. Shinryu says:

    LOL Joe was pretty negative this time, good on Kaleb for being not too negative and at least a little positive. Joe didn’t you read the rest of the information I put in the news? They interviewed Nojima and Nomura later and revealed more information and Square Enix took back some of their statements “episodic” was wrongly translated and they explain more about the reasoning behind doing this.

  3. David Alvarez says:

    I think I agree more with Joe on this one, atleast when talking about the gameplay. The whole point of a remake is to improve on what we already have, from looks to gameplay etc… (Maybe an argument can be made for not touching the story)

    Whats happening to the gameplay is not improving on what is currently there, it is a replacement. It is being exchanged for the current flavor of design.

    Kaleb, you mentioned in the episode that you couldn’t picture Enix using ff7’s combat again. I agree if we are talking about a new game, it would be silly to expect to see it for example in ff16. I only expected Enix to use ff7’s combat, or some variation of it, in the ff7 remake.

    I am open minded to new styles of gameplay in the final fantasy series, ff12 and 13 are awesome games, but this to me is different. The only ff that I could accept a major redesign for, in gameplay, is ff1.

    Anyway, thats my 2 cents, love the podcast, fuck the remake and thanks for reading.

  4. david alvarez says:

    Here’s some comments I found about this topic from record keeper players.


    Some talk about immersion in games not being compatible with turn-based gameplay. For me gameplay should always win over immersion or realism if only because at the end it is just a game. And I will take a game that focuses on its gameplay over one thats willing to sacrifce it for the sake of looking more realistic or giving the player the illusion of being in the world on offer. Just gimme the three dudes that are lined up on one side of the screen taking turns swinging at the dragon on the other side of the screen who is respectfully waiting its turn.

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