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The Seventh Umbral Era

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This week,  Kaleb and Joe tackle the remaining cutscenes in Final Fantasy XIV 1.0. This time, we discuss the empire’s plan to use Meteo to wreak destruction upon Eorzia. We discuss the similarities in the Garuda primal, and also discuss how it leads directly into A Realm Reborn. We also discuss where we are in Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, and move on to answer a few tough questions including what games we’ve beaten by the skin of our teeth, and what we would feel about a possible Final Fantasy X sequel or prequel. Enjoy the grind!

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One thought on “The Seventh Umbral Era

  1. guy says:

    Would like to add you guys could really use an email for responses so I’m posting here. Also like to say that basicly every complaint about 1.0 is answered with game was mismanaged and released too soon.

    You guys made the comment that 7th umbral era feels added on and you are correct it was added after director/producer Yoshida took over and the team was majorly shaken up after 1.0’s initial failure. It was decided game environments had to be redesigned as they were one of the major complaints, Dalamud and umbral storyline was added to explain all the major changes coming in 2.0 in game.

    Path of the twelve is the original 1.0 storyline that shipped with game and it received no additions before the dev team was restructured. Original game was very story lite, path storyline quests were every 5 levels and class stories only had 3-4 quests each beyond that there was no quests ingame. The path storyline and the direction planned for it were abandoned when dev team was restructured as they had to explain why 2.0 is happening and new team wanted to go in different direction. While alot of loose ends are tied up in 2.1-2.5 (mostly Ul’dah stuff) theres still several plot holes and problems are still ingame. The constant changing definition of what is a Primal in 2.0 series is believed to be SE dealing with what 1.0 intended primals to be in the old story. 1.0’s opening cutscene, specifically the pillar of light after airship crash releasing Primals is still unexplained.

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