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Crystal Defenders

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This week, we listen to a review of Crystal Defenders. This game takes place in the world of Ivalice. Once we finish up listening to the well put together, and drop heavy hilarity, we move on to discuss the influx in news regarding the Dissidia arcade game. Squall, Cloud, Bartz, Terra, Cecil, Tidus, and Zidane have all been added to the games roster. We then touch on Final Fantasy Explorers and their jobs, and finish up with the announcement that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Steam in December. We then move on to listen to some questions from our Skype line. Enjoy the episode!


REMIX- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNJyqlFrLiI

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One thought on “Crystal Defenders

  1. Andrew says:

    This was a fantastic episode and a really well done review. I’m actually too ashamed to even bother calling in after that because those guys set a flawless precedent.

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