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Mythic Origins of the Weapons, Part One

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This week, Kaleb gives a rundown on the lore behind a few of the weapons from the Final Fantasy series. We discuss Masamune, who is revered as the greatest swordsman in the history of Japan. We then touch base with Ragnarok, which is essentially the Norse version of the rapture. It involves the destruction of the world, and results in only one man and one woman left. We then move on to answer a few user submitted questions, and talk a little bit about our progress in Final Fantasy XIV. Enjoy the grind.



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One thought on “Mythic Origins of the Weapons, Part One

  1. Chaz says:

    Damn Joe, you really can’t let that itunes review from Amber go, can you? Well, since this was last year, I hope your wounds have healed. 🙂

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