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Final Fantasy XV Predictions II

This week,  Kaleb and Joe discuss their newly formed theories behind the release date for Final Fantasy XV. We also answer a few questions, and gave a timeframe for beginning Final Fantasy XIV. Enjoy the grind! Check out this episode!
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Mr. T for the Final Fantasy VII Remake

This week, we have a short episode discussing the Final Fantasy VII remake. We found a petition on change.org asking Mr. T to voice Barrett in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. We also discuss the IOS release of Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy the grind guys! Check out...
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Automation in Final Fantasy

This week, in light of the more recent Final Fantasy battle systems, Kaleb and Joe discuss the evolution of automation within the Final Fantasy series. We discuss how we feel it’s largely based upon the increased size of the games, as well as the increased complexity of each...
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Final Fantasy XII: Part Two

This time, we finish the fight. We go over the Gameplay, design, music, legacy and ranking. We also took the time to read some listener reviews of the game, courtesy of our wonderful forum members. We talk about a bunch of the extra content the game has to...
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Final Fantasy XII: Part One

Final Fantasy XII began development in the year 2000, after Final Fantasy Xi’s announcement, and would become the game with the longest development time in history when it was finally released in 2006. The development was a tumultuous one as well as an expensive one, costing 35 Million...
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