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The History of Square-Enix – Part 1: Rise of the Phoenix

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This week, Joe has prepared a special history episode. We delve into the origins of Enix. Strangely enough, they began as a real estate tabloid company, formed by Yasuhiro Fukushima. Fukushima is now one of the wealthiest Japanese men. Enix started their foray into video games when Fukushima spent some time in America. He noticed how popular computer games were, and decided to have a contest for building games.  Koichi Nakamura, one of the contest winners, would later be a key player behind the scenes of the Dragon Quest series. Enix also began as a publisher, rather than the commmon style of in house game design. Enix’s third video game would put them on the map forever. Dragon Quest. Enjoy!

Check out this episode!

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