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The Mythic Origins of the Summons II

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This week, our interview with the creator of the Beacause Project fell through, so we are revisiting a fan favorite. This time, we discuss Anima from Final Fantasy X. Anima is the inner self of an individual. Psychologist C.G. Jung, said it’s the female side of the male psyche. The Latin meaning of Anima is soul, spirit, ghost; breath of life. We also delve into Bismark, a summon from Final Fantasy VI. Bismark is likely named after the Chancellor of Prussia in the late 1800’s. This theory is largely based off of the espers Sea Song ability, which would refer to the Bismarck ship that was sunk in 1941. We move on to discuss the final summon, Crusader, or Jihad. Crusader is another Esper featured in Final Fantasy VI. His name was originally Jihad in Japan, but they censored the name for the North American release of the game, fearing that North American players would associate the name with an Islamic Jihad. Jihad doesn’t inherently imply evil. It’s usually a term used for the battle between good and evil. It can also be used to describe a holy war, which is most likely the purpose that Crusader serves in Final Fantasy VI. We also move on to talk about a few questions asked by forum users, and declare that the Final Fantasy XIV gift card is the prize. Thanks again for listening, and enjoy the grind!

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