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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake announced at this years E3 conference. We discuss our concerns about the upcoming remake, and delve in to the hilt on what we feel will happen with the games direction. We talk about the involvement of the original development team, including Yoshinori Kitase, Nojima, and of couse, Tetsuya Nomura. We rain on everyones parade a bit in terms of the remake, but also hold out hope that this will be a solid entry in the series. We do a few reaction videos to the FFVII Remake trailer, as well as the announcement of World of Final Fantasy. We discuss the few articles of news involving Kingdom Hearts 3. We also announced a Twitch based contest, where I will ask a trivia question, and the winner will either win a copy of FF VII on PSN or Steam, or a one month gift card for Final Fantasy XIV. This will be up for vote on our site. Enjoy the episode!

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