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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0

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This week, we discuss the update to everyone’s favorite demo, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. We discuss the mini quests that Square Enix has given us, involving fetching items, and doing other activities with Noctis’s team mates. We also touch on the new combo system, and discuss the changes to the camera and the added AI intelligence for your party members. They’re not nearly as in the way as before!! We also give a little time to update you guys on our progress in Final Fantasy XII. After that, we dive into our usual question segments, and encourage you guys to call in for the questions segment! After that, we discuss the popular Robot Chicken Parody of Final Fantasy VII, in which the team works at a burger joint run by Sephiroth. We then hit on the Question from us to You, which involves a poll between Final Fantasy XII, and Final Fantasy XIII. Enjoy the episode! SORRY FOR THE AUDIO ISSUES THIS WEEK! TURNS OUT WE HAD A BAD CORD AND WE DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL WE WERE MIXING!

Check out this episode!

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