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Spotlight: Kazushige Nojima

This week, we cover the career of Kazushige Nojima. We discuss his involvement with the Final Fantasy series, and discuss his most important involvments in the series. We also discuss his influence on some of the most popular Final Fantasy games in tlhe series. We take this week...
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Final Fantasy X: Part Two

This episode picks up right where the last one left off. We discuss the gameplay aspects of Final Fantasy X, including the battle system, sphere grid, side quests and more. We move on to discuss the numerous mini games that Final Fantasy X features, including the infamous chocobo...
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Final Fantasy X: Part One

This week, we have reached the long awaited Final Fantasy X review. In this first half of the episode, we discuss the development history of the game. We discuss how the game was announced at the same time as Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy X. This was...
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