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Character Battle: Bartz vs. Cecil

Join us as we pit these two Final Fantasy protagonists against each other in this showdown of epic proportions! We each take a side in the battle, and discuss what elements lead the better man to victory! We also discuss some end of game sphere level grinding in...
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Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Demo

Join us as we discuss the release of Final Fantasy Type-0, as well as the well awaited, incredibly fun and addicting Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Demo. We discuss how we felt about the changed game mechanics and battle system. We discuss the epic scope of the game,...
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Difficulty in Final Fantasy

Welcome back! This week, we discuss difficulty in the Final Fantasy series up to Final Fantasy X. We discuss what makes a game difficult as well as what makes it good. We also weigh in on what we feel Square Enix has done well for Final Fantasy, and...
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The Mythic Origins of the Summons I

This weeks episode is a call back to a popular mythic origins episode we did some time ago. This time, we discuss three different summons/aeons/espers/gfs than previously. We also answer some excellent questions via our question segment. We talk about Final Fantasys evolution of summons, and how we...
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Minisode: The Naked Truth About Gaming

Ever wondered what would happen if we tried talking about more than just Final Fantasy? Well, now you can find out! Join Joe, Kaleb, Kaleb, and Dylan as they discuss news from the Video Game Industry, and argue over the use of the word “classic”. Check out this...
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The Necron Theory

Join us, as we dive into a popular online theory where Necron is the Iifa tree enemy Soulcage. We discuss how legitimate the theory is, and find it acceptable and an interesting idea. Sqaure has not denied the theory, so we find it highly believable. We also catch...
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