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Final Fantasy XV Is 60 Percent Finished The new Gold Saucer will bring chocobo racing from Final Fantasy VII, Triple Triad from Final Fantasy VIII, and a bunch of other mini-games and activities. Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.51 is due out next week, on 24 February. During camping,...
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Final Fantasy IX: Part Two

Crimsoncommand I was recently playing FFIX with my brother and thought that it was really odd on how many child characters there were. Honestly, it seems that every child character besides Rydia and Vivi just diminishes the story. To me they are annoying. I’m wondering if anyone else...
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Final Fantasy IX: Part One

Final Fantasy IX began development shortly before the release of Final Fantasy VIII.   A small glimpse into the early process of the game was revealed on the internet by Sakaguchi in 2010.   On Mistwalker’s blog (Sakaguchi’s company), Sakaguchi posted early notes for the opening of Final...
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Rinoa is Ultimecia?

Join us as we discuss the Final Fantasy VIII theory in which Rinoa becomes Ultimecia in the future! We discuss our thoughts on the theory, as well as read a statement from Square Enix themselves on the matter. We also catch up on past segments, including the beloved...
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