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Squall Is Dead?

This episode, we discuss the popular internet theory involving Squall, our fearless leader of Final Fantasy VIII, dying at the end of disc one. We discuss the theories strong points, and also its not so strong ones. We assess the theory, and also a rebuttal we found online,...
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Final Fantasy VIII: Part Two

Game Chapters: Fire Cavern SeeD Field Exam SeeD Inauguration First Mission Timber TV Station Galbadia Garden Tomb of the Unknown King Assassination Galbadia D-District Prison Galbadia Missile Base Secret of Balamb Garden Fishermans Horizon Occupied Balamb Trabia Garden Clash of the Gardens White SeeD Ship Esthar Lunatic Pandora...
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Final Fantasy VIII: Part One

  Final Fantasy VIII   Final Fantasy VIII was released for the PlayStation in 1999; February 11th in Japan, September 9th for North America, and October 27th for Europe.The game arrived on PC for Windows in 2000. It has also been available in the PlayStation Network since 2009....
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The 2014 UFF Podcast Awards!

News:   Final Fantasy Explorers: According to Siliconera, Japanese Amazon reviews on the new monster-hunter-like Final Fantasy game note that although people liked the game, most were expecting something MORE similar to Monster Hunter. Insead, there were many complaints that there was too much walking in the game,...
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