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Commentary: Final Fantasy: Unlimited – Episode 6

It’s back! We finally had enough space left to do another commentary on Final Fantasy Unlimited! Join us as we talk over the sixth episode of Final Fantasy Unlimited, and discuss the pro’s and con’s of the series. Enjoy, for there are nineteen more episodes to go! Check...
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Spotlight: Hiroyuki Ito

This episode, we discuss long time employee of Square Enix Hiroyuki Ito. We give a retrospective of his important additions to the series, such as the Active Time Battle system popular in the Final Fantasy series. We contrast Ito’s style with other popular RPG’s at the time, and...
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New Jump Festa Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 Trailers!

This episode, we discuss the new trailers for Final Fantasy XV and Type-0. We also answer numerous questions from our listeners. We go over the impressive list of user favorite Final Fantasy games, and discuss how they might compare to our own list. We discuss the female Cid...
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MechaMessiah Joins the Fray

This episode, we invited Patreon supporter, and awesome listener Mechamessiah to join us! We discuss our gaming backgrounds in both Final Fantasy and gaming as a whole. We answered the questions of the week in a group format, and had an awesome overall discussion of Final Fantasy! Enjoy...
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