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Final Fantasy VI

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In this beefcake of an episode, we discuss the greatness that is Final Fantasy VI. We discuss the intricate relationships between certain characters, such as the love story between Celes and Locke, the story of Cyan and his family, the intricacies of Terra being the “main” character, the relationship between the two royal brothers Sabin and Edgar. We also discuss Shadow’s stories, both the one where he doesnt die when the world gets destroyed as well as his intended ending. We discuss the soundtrack of the game, referring to it as Nobou Uematsu’s masterpiece work. We also discuss how the game took the Super Nintendo to it’s limits, and how it still looks good today. We talk about getting the Espers, and also delve into whether or not you should get Ragnarok the Esper, or Ragnarok the sword. We also discuss a little bit of news regarding Final Fantasy XIV and XV, where now in XIV you can fight Ultros and his friend Typhon. Enjoy our thoughts on this excellent Rpg!

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