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Final Fantasy Remakes and Remasters

In this episode, we discuss what Final Fantasy games we think will be re-released and through what mediums. We answer questions of the week, as well as introducing our new jingle for the segment. We discuss the Final Fantasy XV news, and adress some problems with the battle...
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So much Final Fantasy News!!

In news this week, Final Fantasy XV has a new trailer as well as a gameplay video. We discuss the epicness of these trailers, as well as discussing the new trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers, and Final Fantasy Agito+. We talk about Tetsuya Nomura moving off of Final...
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Hironobu Sakaguchi Hated Square-Enix

We discuss Hironobu Sakaguchi’s interview where he discusses “Hating Square Enix’s Business Side.” We also discuss the hiring of team members to complete Kingdon Hearts 3. We have a character battle pitting Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil against Final Fantasy V’s Buttz/Bartz/Bahtz. We also introduce a future podcast where...
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Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

This episode, we discuss the Final Fantasy V sequel movie; Final fantasy: Legend of the Crystals. We discuss the quality of the film, as well as it’s loose connection to Final Fantasy V. We also discuss the Final Fantasy Theatrym demo, as well as newly announced changes to...
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Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast Catch-up!

We discuss Ultima Final Fantasy’s fan content, reading reviews and answering questions from our fans. We also discuss Final Fantasy Type-0 being “released” in the US within the next 12 months. We discuss our favorite titles up to this point, and talk about which of the Final Fantasy...
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