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Housing Crisis in Final Fantasy XIV

In this episode, Joe and Kaleb read their newest Itunes review, talk about the housing crisis in Final Fantasy XIV, where the economy is horrendous and houses cost millions of gil, leaving many players homeless, bringing down the value of the cities. We also discuss the newly released job...
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Minisode: Mythic Origins of Bahamut, Leviathan, and Ifrit

A semi-indepth discussion on the origins of three popular summons in the Final Fantasy series: Bahamut, Leviathan, and Ifrit. We discuss their scriptural origins, as well as discussing the descriptions of the beasts. They are described differently than they appear in the Final Fantasy games, and we theorize...
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Super Sexy Swingin’ Fan Fiction VI

This episode involves a thr**some as well as “payment” for the destruction of the hotel room from the night before. Not nearly as explicit as the previous episode. This is horrible Final Fantasy VII fan fiction and does not represent the rest of the podcast. Check out this...
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Minisode: Literature Origins of the Four Fiends of Final Fantasy IV

Dante Travels with Virgil through the 9 circles of hell Limbo Lust Gluttony Greed Anger Herasy Violence Fraud Treachery The 8th circle is made up of Bolgias Panderers and Seducers Flatterers Simoniacs Sorcerers Corrupt Poloticians Hypocrites Thieves Fraudulant advisors Sowers of Discord Falsifiers 5th Bolgia Corrupt poloticians, emersed...
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Minisode: Super Sexy Swingin’ Fan Fiction V

NSFW!!!! Cleanup time. We were wondering what the next morning at the gold saucer would bring. This may be the worst episode yet. Joe couldn’t take it, he almost vomited. Feel free to read along with us at adult-fanfiction.org. Check out this episode!
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Final Fantasy V

News: Final Fantasy Record Keeper Trailer Lots of Final Fantasy XV release date rumors Discussion: Listen with us as we talk of the great game that is Final Fantasy V. We start with its long developement history, the fact that they couldn’t release the game because of School...
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Minisode: How to Kill Yiazamat in Final Fantasy XII

We discuss how to defeat the 45th hunt in Final Fantasy XII. Lots of physical attacks and healing are necessary to beat this boss. The occasional non elemental spell is also highly damaging. This is easily the most intense fight in all of Final Fantasy XII, and maybe...
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